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I was the UKIP candidate for Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner in the June 2017 General Election.

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2018 Feb 5
Economist Bernard Connolly on why treasury forecasts are irrelevant as socialism is going to ruin us. Economist Patrick Minford also dismisses treasury modelling.
2017 Sept 21
If you're struggling to keep up with the Trump impeachment, clear and persistent overview of what it all means.
2017 Sept 11
What has brought us our tradition of liberty and is it dying?
2017 Sept 11
Little mention today, the 16th anniversary, of the Saudi attacks on New York and the Pentagon, let alone a minute's silence for the suffering and innocence of the victims. Never mind, David Keighley examines the disgusting lie promoted by the BBC that Brexit caused a Polish man to be murdered last summer.
2017 Sept 1
Mark Steyn reminds us not to forget this Summer's mysterious slew of violence.
2017 July 28
Andrew Lilico thinks clearly on what the UK owes the EU (£0) and what we should pay (a bit more).
2017 July 8
The summer economic migrant season is well and truly under way, so it's a good time to revisit this heartfelt tirade against virtue-signalling sleb hypocrites by Paul Joseph Watson.
2017 July 7
At a "Summer of Love" (1967) party last night I stood next to a Corbynist yuppie wearing a 'ban-the-bomb' necklace. You will never catch me wearing one of those. "The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance." Likely I would not exist had not my father's life expectancy in the Pacific gained an unexpected boost on August 6th 1945:

You would think George could afford to make a bit more of an effort than his old pass to a CND rally. I was about to hear his interesting plan to block Brexit and betray the British voter again, when somebody who had seen me at a hustings shouted "He's UKIP!", at which point conversation became unlikely. Still, he appears to be signalling "eff orff" to himself, so perhaps he is beginning to see the light. Augusto looks understandably uncomfortable.
2017 July 6
Apparently, Donald Trump is a 'clown'. He seems to talk quite a lot of sense for a clown. I recommend watching his Warsaw speech.
2017 July 4
Today, the day the United States of America rightly celebrates its independence, is a good day to recall the farcical sight of President Obama visiting the UK to tell us that we in the United Kingdom should vote against our own independence, as if the United States would submit to a parliament making US laws from Guatemala. Talk about interfering in a foreign election - that took the biscuit. I salute my American cousins for rejecting the "butcher of Benghazi" and her corrupt cabal, and I think on the culture we share and the problems we face together.
2017 June 28
This explanation of why immigration can not solve the problem of the world's poor shows why we need more scientific people in government.

2017 June 16
Iain Dale wonders why pro-Leave MPs are being squeezed out of government.

2017 June 15
Article of the day is John Longworth's take on Fake Brexit. His crucial point is this: we must not lose sight of the vast opportunities only afforded by truly Leaving the EU. Let's be the life-raft - let's not go down with the ship while the Captain refuses to steer away from the iceberg.

2017 June 14
My condolences and prayers today are for the victims lost in Grenfell Tower, their families and friends, and those who have painful tasks to perform in the aftermath. Those who are determined to use this disaster as a political opportunity should be ashamed of themselves.
2017 June 14
The press and government wings of the ruling BBC party are portraying this general election as a surge in support for Fake Brexit, despite the fact that 85% voted for parties who promised in their manifestos fully to Leave the EU. See below my leaflet which predicted this outcome.

I warned of this on June 28th 2016 when I told RBK&C volunteers not to trust Theresa May, and to expect a long hard struggle ahead to see the result of the Referendum implemented, regardless of empty Conservative government promises. The EU has always found a way to reverse inconvenient plebiscites in its suborned member-states. Why should the UK be any different? The Tory Remain party knows precisely what is required of it by its EU masters.

I make no apology for calling this orchestrated sabotage a treason, because that is what we call conspiring with a foreign power against the sovereignty of the British People. I urge you to write to your MP and remind him that he will be held to account for this betrayal.

2017 June 9
We knew this election would not go well for UKIP, partly because UKIP is the victim of its success: both major parties committed to Brexit in their manifestos, and UKIP was so identified with this cause that many voters abandoned UKIP and voted Conservative in order to see it done. Some even seem to have believed the Labour manifesto, which is a sign of callow youth.

I am not pessimistic about the prospects of Leaving the EU. The Liberal Democrats, "The Party of Remain" as they called themselves, gained only four seats from an already historically low position. If the largest blocks of Remain-supporting MPs are 12 Lib Dems and the SNP, there is less resistance than the BBC will admit. A comment posted in another place by Mr C spells out the reasons why this election will not affect the outcome:

Mr C

1. May is toast - she has no credibility in the House of Commons now. She'll have to take the hit. The rest of us will move on.

2. There's plenty of money to bribe the DUP if needs be for their support of a minority government. The Foreign aid budget refers.

3. Whoever succeeds May will still have to pick up the EU negotiations. Both Labour and the Tories - parties with 84% of the popular vote - asserted as manifesto commitments that they will honour the will of the people in the Brexit referendum decision to leave. Neither dare backtrack until the negotiations are well under way.

4. The EU wants to punish the UK for daring to leave. Once the negotiations kick off and the EU starts demanding billions 'just to talk', as they will, then it'll be 'us v them'.

5. If May's successor is a leaver and the negotiations fail then he or she can at least say with credibility that they tried before the defaulting to no deal and WTO, which is the best deal anyway.

6. However if May's successor is a remainer and their negotiations fail or agree to big 'concessions' to remain in the EU by proxy they will be called out as a traitor and scoundrel. To collude in the screwing of your own country's position, at taxpayers expense, in public negotiations, for the benefit of foreign powers isn't going to play well with the British public.

So yes, one door closes, another opens.

I think there may be a great deal of truth in this analysis.

2017 May 12

Fake Brexit

The most important issue of this 2017 General Election is the Fake Brexit plan. David Cameron made an unwelcome ejaculation in a butcher's shop a couple of weeks ago, when he suggested that Theresa May must secure a landslide victory so she can "stand up to people who want an extreme Brexit."

There is no such thing as 'extreme' Brexit. He has let the cat out of the bag. Clearly, Tory Brexit means fake Brexit. Your UKIP vote will help to explain to Cameron, Osborne, and Theresa May that we didn't vote for fake Brexit, we voted to leave. That doesn't make us extremists, it makes us patriots. Every UKIP vote will remind our next Prime Minister of his duty.

Don't take my word for it, here's Nigel Farage making the point. At the end of this video some muppet walks past in the background... ...OK, it's me, over in Thurrock to help MEP Tim Aker's excellent local campaign:

About me

I became a member of the UK Independence Party in 2015 because I believe that the EU is undemocratic, indirigible, and a detriment to the economies of most EU countries. I have been voting for the Referendum Party, and then UKIP, since the 1990s.

In 2016 I managed the Grassroots Out and Vote Leave campaigns in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. RBK&C volunteers distributed half a million leaflets within and beyond the borough, and our efforts gained a 31.3% share of the vote, the second highest share in Central London after Tower Hamlets. Chelsea & Fulham's Remain-supporting MP, Greg Hands, had wrongly described RBK&C as "the most Europhile borough in the country".

On the 11th of May 2017 I became the UKIP candidate for the constituency of Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner in West London. A majority of the constituents in Hillingdon voted to leave the EU in June 2016, but this still has not happened. David Cameron promised that Britain would leave "immediately" after a Leave vote. I know that's what I voted for.

The plot

Instead, we are repeatedly told that leaving is almost impossibly complicated. We are told that the courts, and parliament must have the right to stop our exit, despite the fact that the 2015 Referendum Act made it clear that our decision was "final". We are told that it will cost us vast sums to Leave, for no plausible reason. These are all the procrastinations and machinations of a political class which does not want to do what the people of Britain have ordered them to do.

As part of this great obstruction of democracy, they say we must be submissive to negotiations - negotiations with an organisation famous for its failures to negotiate reasonably with us, and many others, in the past.

A great future

We should just walk away. Within minutes we will have every parasitic technocrat in the EU banging at our door. Why? Because we have a sixty billion trade deficit with EU countries. Our own producers will enjoy a huge boost in domestic demand if we revert to WTO trading rules. That's right: the breakdown of negotiations, followed by a real Brexit, will produce an economic boom as Britons discover that consumers will indeed buy British again. We have a great future to look forward to outside the EU.

Six tests

UKIP has presented six tests which indicate whether we have actually left the EU, and satisfied the intentions of the majority who voted to leave:
  • Freedom from EU courts
  • Full control of borders and immigration
  • Freedom to make trade deals, globally
  • Exclusive control of our maritime zone
  • No ongoing payments to the EU
  • All done before the end of 2019
This is real Brexit, and this is what we voted for.


Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner is going to be badly affected by HS2. HS2 is an unneccesary, obscenely expensive project, and places the interests of those who live and work in the constituency far below the interests of those who are just travelling through. UKIP opposes this hated EU vanity project. There are much better uses for the vast sum of your money, estimated at 50000000000 to 100000000000 (hard to count those noughts, isn't it?) being wasted on HS2, which, at best, will only produce marginal improvements in journey times.

Nick Hurd, the last Tory MP for Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner, has never voted against HS2 even though he claimed to oppose it in 2015. He also voted for Britons to Remain subservient to EU courts and law. So much for representing your constituents.

You can sign up to the following site's protests:

However, don't expect these campaigns actually to achieve anything, as they have dismally failed to stop the HS2 madness so far. If you really want to stop HS2, put your money where your mouth is and vote for the only party which continues to opposes it: UKIP. Were I your MP, I would vote and campaign against HS2 with great vigour.

Your UKIP vote is not wasted

Every vote for UKIP reminds the government that Brexit must be real and complete and prompt. Every vote for UKIP reminds government that incontinent immigration is crowding British tax-payers, of every ethnicity, out of the public services we ourselves have funded. Every vote for UKIP reminds the LibLabCon surrender-cartel that we want our country back.

Don't waste your vote on treacherous snooty Tories or Stalinist Labour. Haven't they betrayed us enough yet? Voting for UKIP is the best way to tell them what you really think. The referendum proves that every UKIP vote will bring real change.

UKIP 2017 Manifesto

UKIP's independently costed 2017 manifesto is available for download.

Election Address

My election address is at


The scathing Telegraph article about Theresa May which the powers-that-be caused to be withdrawn, fortunately reproduced by Guido Fawkes at

An article about FCO 30/1048, the secret document which encouraged Heath to hand over British sovereignty while lying to the British people.

A Sun article about Cameron carelessly spilling the beans on the Tory Fake Brexit plan. Note that in this article Cameron's quote seems to imply that the 52% who voted to leave are extremists.

Britain is still paying for EU propaganda.

An interesting and contentious short film about the Frankfurt School and its success.

An article about a libel ruling which appears to set down that Islam is a religion of peace.

In the wake of the appalling mass murder in Manchester, carried out by someone who was a known risk and who travelled freely to Syria and back, remind yourself that only three months earlier Amber Rudd said Trump's travel ban could help IS.

An interesting essay by John Fonte about the concept of 'transnational progressivism'.

Lawrence Webb's twitter page.

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group has published a report on how to improve safety for cyclists and I thoroughly support it (thanks to Tim Budd for bringing this document to my attention). I have long held the view that the law should confer the right of road use in inverse proportion to the potential of harm by its users.


Below is my leaflet for the 2017 General Election:

You are welcome to download a pdf version.


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